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            A Farther Shore - Yvonne Kason, M.D. and Teri Degler

This is a book about the journey of transformation. It is based on Dr. Kasonís own personal spiritual and paranormal experiences and those of her patients, friends, and colleagues. In the introduction, she states that it "... is a guide for the countless people who are currently undergoing the Spiritually Transformative Experiences that include near-death experiences, mystical experiences, psychic episodes, Classical Kundalini Awakening, and inspired creativity. It is also a guide for the doctors, psychologists, and therapists these people turn to -- sometimes desperately -- for help in learning how to integrate their extraordinary experiences into their ordinary daily lives". This is a pretty lofty goal, especially that last sentence. However, I believe that this work can indeed serve as an eye-opener for the professionals who donít know what to make of these experiences when a patient or client relates them. It certainly does provide some valuable information for those who are experiencing, or have actually experienced, such phenomena. I wish it had been published earlier so that I could have had the benefit of some of the information presented when I first began to experience an awakened Kundalini.

The book begins with a recount of Dr. Kasonís personal near-death experience (the result of a plane crash) at the age of twenty-six. She discusses how, after physical recovery, the experience began affecting other areas of her life and that she realized that it was time to deal with unresolved issues. In chapter two, the author gives a brief description of the Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs) which are the subject of the remainder of the book.

One of the strengths of this book, in my opinion, is the fact that the author identifies Kundalini as THE transformative spiritual force at work in all of the STEs discussed. Chapters three through seven present a more in-depth analysis of the various types of Spiritually Transformative Experiences. Many case histories are presented which can be invaluable in helping those who are undergoing such experiences, and those who want to help them, to understand what is actually going on.

In chapter eight, Dr. Kason does an outstanding job of presenting the hypothesis developed by Gopi Krishna concerning Kundalini and its relationship to Spiritually Transformative Experiences. It is stated as follows: "Kundalini, when awakened, is the biological-psychological-spiritual mechanism responsible for Mystical Experiences, Classical Kundalini Episodes, Psychic Awakenings, Near-Death Experiences, Inspired Creativity and Genius, and, when unhealthy, some types of mental illness with mystical features". Dr. Kason goes on to say that "... this hypothesis provides an excellent starting point for research", and that, if proven correct, would help science to determine the exact nature of the Kundalini force. She further states, "Current scientific theories about the nature of the universe and human consciousness cannot explain STEs. The modern kundalini hypothesis provides a missing link: a plausible theory to explain the spiritual transformation of consciousness". After a discussion of the underlying principles of the hypothesis, Dr. Kason goes on to discuss exactly what she feels it would mean to the world if the "Kundalini Hypothesis" is true. This is what makes this work so powerful and, in my opinion, places it along side Bonnie Greenwellís "Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process", as one of the best books I have read on Kundalini to date.

The remainder of the book discusses the various symptoms of STEs and Spiritual Emergencies, takes a look at who has them and why, and provides strategies for living with Spiritual Transformation, surviving difficult transformative experiences, helping others survive them, and finally, stimulating healthy transformation. Again, this is why this book is so valuable. It provides information that not only helps those currently enduring difficult transformation experiences, but also helps those who love them, and the professionals who are trying to assist them through the process, to understand a great deal about what may be going on internally. I applaud Dr. Kason for having the courage to share her experiences and beliefs and I highly recommend "A Farther Shore" to anyone interested in understanding more about Spiritually Transformative Experiences, especially those undergoing what she calls "Classical Kundalini Awakenings".





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