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Welcome to the Kundalini Awakening section of this website. Depending on who you wish to believe, Kundalini Awakening (or Emergence) is either a distinct type of Spiritual Transformation process or it is the very force that drives all types of spiritual transformation processes. Because I am more intimately familiar with the Kundalini process, I am devoting an entire section of this site to dispensing information about it with the hope that those who need this information will have access to it. We will, however, be including information on other types of Spiritual Transformation experiences such as Near-Death Experiences (or NDE's), Out-Of-Body Experiences (OOB's), Shamanic Crisis, Encounters with UFO's, etc. throughout the site.

What is Kundalini? An introduction to Kundalini and what it means to have a Kundalini awakening. You may be shocked by what you find out. In the Western world, we have been woefully uneducated regarding this phenomenon.

Symptoms of a Kundalini Awakening: Here's where you can find out if you or someone you love might be experiencing an awakening of Kundalini. If you've had unusual experiences or physical pain that has not been successfully diagnosed, read on.

Recommended reading on Kundalini: It is crucial that you get the information you need to help you understand what is going on inside if you suspect you or someone you love is experiencing a Kundalini awakening. Here are some good places to start.

Support Information: Here's where to go to try to find the help you need.

This awakening of spiritual consciousness is taking place. You can't stop it. You can only choose whether you want to willingly cooperate with the spiritual forces at work or whether you want to try to fight it or pretend that it is not happening. In other words, as I stated in one of my commentaries, there are only two choices that we have at any moment in time. We can choose Love or we can choose fear. Regardless of how many choices we seemingly have, it always comes down to these two choices if you really look at it.

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