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The Time is Now ...


There is a major transformation taking place right now and you're a part of it - like it or not. This can cause severe upheavals in your life experience. Personal transformation, Spiritual transformation, and Planetary transformation will all become a part of your vocabulary very soon, if they have not already. We're here to help you understand what's going on and help make the process of transformation a little easier to endure and a lot more fun. 



Flash Update! We are in the process of turning this site into the central hub for all of our Internet ventures. So, if you have any interest in Spirituality, Financial Abundance, Internet business, personal power, self-development, healthy lifestyles and more, this can serve as your "Central Hub" or "Portal" to all your information and opportunity needs! Find the answers you've been searching for ...


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Short-Cuts to the various Personal Transformation sections of our site ring (some are detailed below):

Personal Freedom

Dream Building

Transformation Resources

Scientific Evidence


Career and Wealth

Just Home Business

Home Business Goldmine

Membership Goldmines

Financial Health

Affiliate Training

Selling Your Services

Outsourcing the Hard Work

Camtasia Video Profits

Growth e-Book Training

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Internet Marketing Quickies

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Conjar's World - A Guide For The Weary Soul

Spiritual Transformation

If you sometimes think that maybe you were born into the wrong world, then this section of the site is for you. You're among friends. Come join us as we make fun of ourselves and try to make some sense out of this place we call planet Earth. Here's some of what you'll find:

Commentaries on major issues - Read what others say or submit your own for consideration.

Lou's Views - My views on everything we're not supposed to talk about, like Religion, Politics, Relationships and more.

Spirit and God - Spiritual Awakening in today's world

Cool Stuff - Great Quotations, Cryptograms, Caption Contests, Cartoons and more.


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Quantum Creators - Home Business with Integrity

Career and Wealth Transformation

Achieve financial independence by creating a home-based business that fits your vision of success. We'll help you find the right home business opportunities that will adhere to your individual moral and ethical codes and that will provide the financial wealth and personal freedom you desire. You'll find all this and more ...

Tutorials - Learn how to decide which business opportunities are right for you.

Free Courses and e-books to get you headed in the right direction. 

Reviews of some of the best business products and opportunities available. 

Hot Links to the Best of the Best in numerous business categories.

Archived issues of our Website-Wealthbuilders & Quantum-Creators E-Zines so that you can make sure you don't miss any of the good stuff. 


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Quantum-Creation - New website coming!

Mind/Body Transformation

Quantum-Creation.com should be up and running shortly. Keep an eye open for it. You will be amazed at the secrets revealed on this new website. Keep checking for it to go live. Here's a sample of what you'll find ... 

Secrets of the ancients clarified by today's science

Revolutionary life-changing technology products

The best in training, mind-reprogramming techniques and healing music and software

Fabulous weight-loss secrets

A wide selection of Self-help books and services


Click here to see if it's live yet and prepare to be amazed ...


Real Freedom - The Best in Personal Freedom Resources

Personal and Financial Transformation

RealFreedom.com  is our newest site devoted to personal and financial growth tools to help you live your dream life. We're creating a terrific 2-tier affiliate program for you to be able to build a great Internet business so that you can be free to follow your heart without having to worry about how you're going to pay the bills. 


We are also forming a "Master-Mind" group to provide the additional support you need to ensure your success. Check it out as soon as you can and get involved. It's a chance for you to really make a difference in the world. 








We will be rotating our  commentaries on a regular basis in this box. If you have something to say and wish to offer it for consideration, send it to us via email.


Our current selection is:

Love and Fear

by yours truly. 


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 Freedom Tip

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like the evil spirits at the dawn of day".

- Thomas Jefferson


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